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 BMW E90 330xi K40 Radar Detector Installation by Sound in Motion

As some of you know I am somewhat of a car audio nut and had Sound in Motion install a system in my X5 and radar detector (StealthOne). This time we decided to go with a K40 radar detector as there's no StealthONE interface available for the E90/E60 BMW's.
One of the main requirements has been to hide the radar detector as much as possible and intergrate it into the OEM environment as much as possible.
We figured the best location for the K40 speakers and LEDs will be in the dashboard, we also decided to hide the K40 control knob/ring in the factory ashtray.
The radar detector and laser jammer is mounted behind the front grill and rear bumper (works very well through plastic).
Below you will find a couple of pictures from the actual install and also a short movie showing the LEDs in "action".
Basically the K40 LEDs have been intergrated into the factory indicator lights and they will now make the OEM indicator lights flash red in the event or radar/laser alarms, however they of course will continue to light up in green when indicating (well if you indicate and hit a radar/laser at the same time they will light up in orange :) ).
Once again Derek has outdone himself and if you consider a K40 installation for your car you should consider giving him a call (Sound in Motion ), his attention to detail is very unique in this industry and his craftsmanship is outstanding.
 Here you can see the right indicator light flashing red, or you can view a short movie for some live action

The control knob integrated into the cigarette lighter and the K40 status LEDs in red and green (city / highway mode)

Now for some more detailed pictures of the actual install

First the instrument cluster and how the LEDs have been integrated

The integration of the K40 control knob and status light into the OEM cigarette lighter

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