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 Hartge Classic 2 Wheels

When I ordered my E90 I also order the 18" sport wheels (Style 162) which I really liked and they look very nice on the new E90. However I also wanted something more unique and looked at various wheel options, for a short while I contemplated to go with replica wheels but decided against it due to concerns with quality, longevity and I figured if I get another set of wheels they should match the factory finish and quality. I had a a number different wheels in mind but I already have the AC Schnitzer Type IV wheels on my X5 and HRE wheels didn't appeal to me. So I decided to get a set of 19" Hartge Classic 2 wheels. I liked their classy look and finish, the also don't have a lip which is different to most other folks who seem to got the 100 dollar lip these days :).
I bought my wheels from Turner Motorsports, they are the Hartge distributor in the US and their prices are not more expensive than any other places I checked out. Drew Ingraham from Turner took great car of my order and the wheels arrived within 2 weeks.
For tires I decided to go with Pirelli PZero Rosso Asimmetrico with 235/35/19 for the fronts and 265/30/19 for the rears. I could have gone one size up but decided to play it sage in case I decide to lower my car at some point and to avoid running into rubbing issues. The tires I ordered from Tirerack and as always Gary (extenstion 386 @ Tirerack) provided outstanding service.
I had some bad luck with the first set of tires as 3 out of 4 had excessive road force (+40kbs) but Tirerack sent me 3 new tires no questions asked, I have to admit I was very impressed with their customer service and can highly recommend them.
Now for some before and after pictures, first the OEM wheels (fullres pictures can be found at http://www.janixworld.com/330xi/delivery/)















Now for the new Hartge Classic 2 wheels

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