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  AUX Input Installation & DVD in Stereo

Early last year I decided to install the TV tuner from NAV-TV and also install an Alpine DVD player at the same time. Well as it turned out the sound portion of the TV Tuner is only mono which also include the audio input for an external source such as a DVD changer. For the past 12 months I have researched many websites and as it turned out the ones who claimed to have a working solution never really came up with a functional and working product (after all one has to tap into the BMW iBUS which requires some understanding and thought). After spending countless hours in selecting a functional and working module I ended up buying the module available from TVonNAV , as I already had the TV tuner installed I opted for the module on its own which TVonNAV is reselling for 200USD. The module will allow you to select an alternate audio source while watching TV (or using the AV input of your TV tuner), it will also add the capability to switch TV tuner stations using the steering wheel controls and if you don't have the TV tuner from NAV-TV it will also add TV in motion.

For most other folks the AUX Input is useful to connect an external audio device such as an iPOD or XM/Sirius tuner to the BMW factory head unit. As I don't have an iPOD or XM/Sirius radio tuner my main motivation for this modification was to finally have DVD in stereo by selecting the AUX Input whiles watching DVD on the TV monitor.

The part number required for my 03 X5 4.6is with NAV is 82 11 0 149 391 (appr 30USD). There's also an AUX Input for non-NAV cars. Your best option is to buy the AUX Input from Crevier who offers an online parts counter at http://bimmer.roadfly.org/bmw/forums/partscounter/ , Chris is of great help and very responsive and will make sure you buy the correct part(s).

I also added a little relay in order to be able to switch from the DVD stereo input to the AUX Input jack (to avoid having multiple sources active at the same time). I installed the switch and AUX Input jack into the ashtray.

So prior to installing the AUX Input kit the sound of DVDs was more like 'broken' THX J

Before the AUX Input was used for DVD Audio

In order to install the AUX Input cable one has to remove the NAV headunit, note the four red circles, these are the torx screws you need to remove after removing the plastic trim piece around the headunit. The plastic trim piece can easily be pulled off, however you may have to open the cassette deck door at times in order to bypass the automatic closure interval of the display (appr 30 seconds), another option is to just stick an old cassette half way into the cassette deck.

Below you can see the TVonNAV module which I installed into the spare slot next to the factory TV tuner location in the battery compartment underneath the spare tire. The module itself will plug into the factory/standard wiring harness and no additional work is required.

As I have a fairly extensive audio installation in my car I had to remove the DVD player from the mounting brackets which is not really something I want to do every day

After installing the cover for the CD changer, NAV player and DVD changer I was able to disconnect the original wires connecting the DVD changer audio to the NAV-TV audio input (mono). I connected the new cable to the DVD changer and routed it to the front where it will be connected to the AUX Input adapter.

In the front the AUX Input adapter needs to be connected to the spare wire behind the headunit

Below you can see the AUX Input adapter cable connected to the wiring harness. At this point the DVD audio input was spliced into the AUX Input adapter harness (not there's a capacitor board and resistor build into the AUX Input cable (next to the white label in the picture) you want to make sure you splice the input into the cable before the capacitor board (it eliminates "pops" from the audio input source)).

Once the AUX Input harness is connected you will be able to select 'AUX' as a new choice via the 'Mode' button on your headunit. You can use the preset buttons (radio station buttons) to adjust the input volume of the AUX Input (note the P4 in the display which means preset button '4' was selected for the input volume). The AUX Input will also allow you to control Treble and Bass as you can do already for Radio and CD, also DSP will be available for the AUX Input.

Here is the location where I mounted the AUX Input jack and button to switch between DVD and AUX Input Jack. If it is switched to the AUX Input the red light will be illuminated. For those of you planning to connect an iPOD or other external audio device it might be better to install the AUX Input jack into the storage bin underneath the armrest. I was thinking about mounting it into the cup holder area but this would have required to remove the whole middle console and I couldn't justify the work required for this (yet). 

Well once finished with the AUX Input and wiring I now finally have true DVD in stereo and the DVD sound much better (especially as the sound effects are much more impressive and the stereo system can play to its full potential).

One minor issue with the TVonNAV module was that I never received a 'user guide' and had to figure out on my own how to select an alternate audio source etc. In the end it's very easy and all you to do is to select the audio source before switching to 'Television' and once you are in Television mode you use the '<>' button to activate the alternate audio source (which by the way could also be the CD Changer, tape or Radio). You can also use the clock sign to display the time on your TV screen.

Overall I am very happy and the installation of just the AUX Input should not take longer than half an hour or maybe an hour if you install the input jack into the storage bin. For the DVD in stereo part the most time consuming part is to route the cable to the front which adds appr. another hour to the project.

As always if you are in the Boston area and would like to have the work done by a professional installer I'd recommend to consider visiting the folks at Sound in Motion who will be happy to help (and have lots of experience with BMWs and high-end car stereo)

If you have any questions, comments or remarks please feel free to contact me.

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