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  StealthOne Display Installation

For a long time I've been contemplating to install a Valentine 1 radar detector in my car. However one of the reasons why hadn't installed one yet is because there has been no option to install it as stealth as possible. There's been a remote display for the V1 but it would still not look factory. The wait was over once I heard about the StealtOne interface from Jaricdesign using this interface one can now use the display of the on-board computer and the navigation screen to display the V1 alarms/arrows. The installation itself is very simple and straight forward. All you have to do is to connect a single wire to the i-Bus in your car and then connect the StealthOne interface to the accessory port of your V1. The whole installation will not take longer than ~30 minutes.

The folks at Jaricdesign provide a comprehensive user and installation guide on their website, there's also a forum available for technical questions and support.

Below you will find pictures from the latest (not yet released as of May 27th 2004) StealthONE software and the new features introduced in this version. I have also created a short video of the 'Remove Accept Screen' feature part of this software update.

The new software will allow an i-Bus packet to be sent after the 'Accept Screen' appears to simulate the 'Accept Screen Button' being pressed, it also includes the capability to change the time delay for different configurations (such as DVD and CD equipped NAV systems may need different delay setting (apparently the CD based system takes longer to respond). Whiles the actual feature doesn't seem to be a big deal it is nice to get in your car and as you start it the 'Accept Screen' disappears after a few seconds.

Below is a list of new features in v1.3 (I may have forgotten a few) :

Pictures of the options available in V1.3


If you have any questions, comments or remarks please feel free to contact me.

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