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 BMW X5 Stereo Installation by Sound in Motion

Well I finally picked up my car from Sound in Motion in Boston after it's been in their shop for almost 6 weeks.
They've done an outstanding job with my system and I am very happy. The requirements had been to keep the looks as much as possible stock and retain the functionality of the loading floor etc...
All in all they've not only managed to put in an excellent system but also enhance the stock car in a couple of areas. I won't be posting all of the pics but I hope to add them to my website in a couple of days.
The system itself consists of :

Below you find a couple of the pictures to give you an idea what they've done.

The subwoofer box standalone. It replaces the factory sub box and is integrated into the rear side cover and also will hold the two original power outlets. Below you can find several pictures from the raw build process to the actual subwoofer enclosure.

This is the subwoofer box installed into its location. You can also see the relocated fuse block in the lower left hand side. There's also a removable opening on the upper right hand side to gain access to the bulbs and gas cap release.


Below you can find pictures from the build process for the amp rack, as you can see the original retractable loading floor has been retained and if the system would ever be removed from the car it could easily be re-installed.


This is the 'raw' amp rack and subwoofer box. The amp rack can still slide out using the factory sliders etc...


This is the amp rack and sub box installed and covered with original factory carpet, since the picture was take the subwoofer cover has been replaced with a metal grill for better sound quality.


The new amp rack cover and subwoofer grill


This is the amp folded up

The left rear enclosure holding the BMW NAV unit, BMW CD changer and the Alpine DVD changer

The amp rack with the cover opened


DVD player in action :) ...


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