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 BMW X5 DSP Integration by Sound in Motion

A number of people have asked how the aftermarket amplifiers have been integrated with the DSP system and below I will illustrate some of the details. However it is important to understand that you really need to find an installer such as Sound in Motion who understand DSP and have integrated systems into it, many shops will claim they have done this many times but in most cases they have not even seen a DSP equipped BMW. One of the issues with DSP is that the signal from the headunit is amplified before it is passed into the DSP amp, therefore it is not really possible to bypass the DSP amp and get to a low voltage input. You have to use the high voltage output from the DSP amp and use something like the Soundgate hi-voltage LOCs (low voltage converters) to retrieve a full range semi linear pre-amp signal to feed your aftermarket amps (in my case Phoenix Gold). The factory equalization is very unlinear and requires a good amount of fine-tuning to make it acceptable
Below are some pictures of the actual integration



Cabling of the Soundgate LOCs from the rear (input and outputs to the amps)

As for the cabling coming from the DSP amplifier into the Soundgate LOCs I've created the following table

Soundgate LOC Cable Color (Input) 1 Cable Color (Input) 2
S(ubwoofer)1 Yellow/Brown Brown Blue Brown
S(ubwoofer)2 Blue/Red Blue/Brown Blue/White Blue/Brown
R(ear)H(igh) Yellow/Blue Yellow/Brown White/Blue White/Brown
R(ear)L(ow) Yellow/Blue Brown/Black Blue/Black Brown/Black
F(ront)H(igh) Blue/Black Blue/Brown Yellow/Red Yellow/Brown
F(ront)M(id) Grey/Blue Grey/Black Blue/Yellow Brown
F(ront)L(ow) Blue/White Blue/Brown Blue/Red Blue/Brown


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