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  X5 Dinan S2 installation

The 4.6is certainly does not lack power but I decided to get the Dinan S2 upgrade installed anyway.

Dinan has various options available for the X5 and you can download their current X5 information from http://www.dinanbmw.com/Products/x5.html.

As I wanted to keep the car as much factory looking as possible I decided to use the Eisenman exhaust instead of using the Dinan exhaust for the time being. I ordered the 'race' version of the Eisenman exhaust and had the factory tips from the X5 4.6is welded on. I ordered new end tips which allows me to retain the original exhaust in case I'd sell the car and the new owner would prefer the factory exhaust (a new exhaust for the 4.6 runs at appr 1600USD). You can order the 4.6 end tips from Crevier BMW via their parts counter (part # 18 10 7 512 709 @ 128USD per tip).

The Dinan upgrade included the following parts

Update 01/10/04

As of January 2004 I've added a couple of minor enhancements to the S2 installation

I also installed a set of aluminum pedals with the Dinan logo and a custom Dinan logo for the trunk as I didn't like the big silver Dinan logo part of the kit (you can see it on the picture below). Both of the items I bought from Bimmian who've been very helpful in creating the custom logo. I'd highly recommend you to look at their website if you are looking for some nice touchups for your BMWs.

As for the installation itself it's a long story and as there's only one authorize Dinan dealer in the Boston area I had no choice. However since then there's actually now a second authorized Dinan dealer in New Hampshire, the folks at Concord Motorsport are very friendly and helpfull and I highly recommend to visit them if you happen to think about any Dinan modifications or if you are looking for a good BMW shop.

The folks at Sound in Motion cleaned up after the Dinan parts had been installed. specifically the Cold Air Intake. The housing is installed with two dremel screws at the front but the installer unfortunately drilled the holes to big so the screws would not work :( .... SIM welded two new nuts to the front metal brace and repainted the brace in black. Now the CAI install looks like factory. They also installed the strut brace and modified the washer fluid reservoir to allow clearance for the strut brace.

Overall I am happy with the installation and the CAI certainly adds a nice throaty noise during acceleration. The transmission software upgrade does make the pedal shift wheel more fun as the shifting is much closer to manual shifting response.

From the seat of pants the X5 is somewhat quicker and the biggest difference is acceleration from 60-90mph. I'll have to wait for a track day to really tell.

Now is it worth the money (appr 3500USD without the exhaust) it depends what you are after. I personally think it was worth the money and don't regret having spent it.

Below you will find a couple of pictures from the current car

Engine view after Dinan installation

View of Cold Air Intake and Air Flow Meter

Throttle Body Emblem

Dinan pedals and floor mats

Eisenhaus/Dinan exhaust with 4.6 end tips

Dinan logo on trunklid

Side view

If you have any questions, comments or remarks please feel free to contact me.

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